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Monday, December 12, 2016

Dull and Dreary Day and Doctor's

Carol has been having issues with one of her eyes. She got something in her eye a few weeks back (you may recall, that is, if you follow this blog regularly.) She had been given drops to put in her eye. It cleared up, but then she's had what seems like conjunctivitis, a feeling of having something in your eye (I've had it, many years ago, so I have a good idea what it's like.) She got  over-the-counter drops in Boots and used it up, but yesterday it seemed to come back. She can't have time off work. They aren't too keen on staff having time off at Milton Keynes Academy. You can't get a doctor's appointment at Ashfield Medical Centre, unless you ring and explain roughly what it is you want the appointment for and then they get the doctor to ring and then access the need for a face-to-face appointment. All very well if you are at home, but how on earth are you supposed to do that if you're at work and particularly if you're a teacher, you can't very well ring up if you're in the middle of a lesson. I tried from 8 o'clock and had no success. It seems the telephones are permanently engaged. Then I had another go at around 10.40 and got through to the computerised switchboard. A series of menus to get through and then you get to a sort of queue. It said 'all our lines are busy. We are experiencing a high volume of calls. You are . . . second in the queue. Please be patient . . . you will be dealt with in a while . . .' etc etc. It took a further 10 minutes before I got to speak to a real, live human and was told they would get a doctor to phone. Another ten minutes . . . and a doctor spoke and I got an appointment for 5.20 this evening. Which means it will be after work. I then had to phone Carol on her mobile to give her the time of the appointment.

Today is one of those miserable November days, dull and dank, overcast, with a sort-of drizzle. It's a low-light sort of day, like early evening. 
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