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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

860th Blog Post: New Specs!

At last, I have been in to Centre MK and collected my reading glasses from SpecSavers. No problems, they are a good deal better than the old off-the-shelf pair. Even have a scratch resistant surface, without any extra cost involved. And they stay on my face and don't slip down my nose annoyingly as they were adjusted properly at the time I was fitted with them. It certainly makes reading easier, not just a printed book but when working on my laptop, for example, writing this.

I've mentioned on this blog the writing project I've been working on for the past couple of years. I was working on a plot line for a new sequence over the Christmas period. I find, if I have a well-constructed plot line planned in advance and I develop it well, then the actual writing is fairly straightforward. It's something like having a blueprint for something, such as a building, or the scaffolding which is put up beforehand when a building is being built. If you have firm foundations then the house you are building will stand firm. I can make little adjustments to this 'plan' as I go along, adding or subtracting, which makes the story work better and the writing easier.
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