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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Annoying Top-Up

We both have mobile phones which require top-up. We don't see the point of being on a contract as we don't use our mobiles that often. We have them so we can text each other, the idea being that I get a text message to let me know when Carol's leaving work for home. My phone is a smartphone and it's a Samsung but I'm not over-pleased with it. Just fiddly to operate. I'm on a 'bundle' which means I spend £10 a month and get so many texts and calls together with data (to use for internet, which I rarely use as I find it more trouble than it's worth. Just too fiddly. I'd rather use the MacBook which has a decent keyboard than ever try to use the stupid keyboard which is on the mobile.)

I went to buy credit at the shop in Garroways, in Coffee Hall. Together with top-up credit for electricity and gas (we use a key for electricity and a smart card for gas, so we don't have a bill for each.) I bought two mobile top-up vouchers, Carols' mobile is on EE, and mine is on 02. I got home and then had the fun of trying to put the credit on my mobile. It just wouldn't work. You have to phone a number and then listen to the annoying voice and THEN try to put the voucher number in, a 16-number code. It just wouldn't work. I attempted to ring the number and use that, but still no joy. I even attempted to use my debit card, but even that wouldn't work. I don't know how many attempts I've had at this, but it must be around a dozen. I now think there must be something wrong with the 02 site, their software is faulty or something. I may attempt to do this later this evening, but currently it's causing more stress than anything else.
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