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Friday, February 24, 2017

Calm after the storm

Today it's sunshine and calm. Not particularly warm, but the sun is out. When I walked to the Academy to meet Carol at around 4.45 yesterday afternoon it was somewhat unsettled. Windy. Not just windy. Very gusty.  Storm Doris causing havoc. Bits of rubbish blown along the road. Bits of branch blown down along the Redway, as well as fences hanging off at odd angles at the back of houses along from our house. Which reminds me of last year when a large section of our garden fence was completely blow down (now repaired as it belonged to the house which is owned by the Council. They have since repaired it.) We had our rear garden fence replaced. No sign of our stingy landlord refunding the cost. I'm surprised we don't have any more repairs needing, such as tiles off the roof of the house. It is time that our house was given a make-over, things do need repairing and I don't honestly see why we have to fork out good cash when it's not our property. 

I've been to make an appointment for Alfie to have a hair-cut at Pets At Home at Bletchley this morning. It's for 10 a.m. on 30th March. I've got a voucher for 25% off so that's going to be a good saving. He's really in need of being groomed. Last time he had the whole works, including having his nails clipped and they did something to his paw pads. He hurt his leg a couple of weeks ago when Carol took him out across the park for a run. I'm not exactly sure what he did. He keeps limping on that leg, one of his rear legs. Probably did something to a tendon or muscle, he doesn't mind you touching it, so it can't be too bad. He's got a build-up of nasty mess near his eyes, which I think most dogs seem to get. He doesn't like it if you attempt to pull it off. He can't possibly see properly with that in the way. Carol has given him a bit of a trip with the scissors around his face, but it's not easy as he growls and doesn't like it much, so it will be good to get the groomer to sort this out as they did the last time he was given a trim. It was well to get this done in late March because it's getting so much warmer. He tends to suffer with the cold as well as the heat, so it's a bit unfair to get his coat cut when it's cold, poor little thing.

I'm not sure how Alfie has reacted to Poppy no longer being here. I'm not sure whether he notices she's gone. Perhaps he thinks she's gone somewhere and will return. Unlikely. He was very quiet the first day, and he's become very close to me, wanting to sit on my knee. It's difficult to know how they related to each other. She's always been here since he was a puppy. They were company for each other when we weren't here, of course. Not sure whether they lay together to sleep, but perhaps they did. I didn't see much of that when they were together.

I couldn't understand the weird noises when I drove into the carpark near Pets At Home. Then I noticed that something was going on across the road near the now vacant B and Q warehouse. It was a machine starting to demolish this building.  A sort of pneumatic drill-thing on a sort of arm on a tractor thing which was making the sort of weird banging, mechanical nose as it was smashing up part of the old building.They had close this old branch of B and Q and redeveloped the other warehouse the other side of Milton Keynes at Rooksley. This old branch was really difficult to get to where it is situated so it's not a great surprise that it closed and is now being demolished. I'd be interested to see what replaces it.
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