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Thursday, March 09, 2017

Better Weather

Well, it seems that the weather is improving. As I write this post, the sun is shining. It's almost spring-like outside. Alfie is enjoying it. The patio door into the garden is open and he's running in and out, pottering about in the garden. I've bought a brush so that I can attempt to sort out his coat which was beginning to get quite tangled and matted. One of the problems you get with a dog with a fairly long coat. Alfie's is very silky and does need detangling on a regular basis. We had a brush with metal teeth which was effective at removing these tangles, but Alfie doesn't like it because it can snag on these knotty bits and I expect it hurts him to some degree. He growls to tell me he doesn't like it. The new brush, which I got from the newly-opened pet shop, imaginatively called Pet's Corner at Oakgrove, near Waitrose yesterday, is far more gentle and is better as a starting point to a grooming session. Hopefully, once I get the worst of the tangles out of his coat, I can start to use the metal comb and the metal brush. His coat looks really so much better once it's been brushed out. He has some nasty patches under his eyes, which most dogs seem to get, which he will not let me touch. I want to pull these nasty bits off, but he's not going to let me. He's booked in to have a full groom at the end of the month at Pets At Home at Bletchley.
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