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Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Winding People Up

My comments I made on this blog a couple of days ago is winding up certain individuals via my Facebook link regarding the Milton Keynes Festival of Running. It doesn't obviously take much to do this as they are like cats with mice who come out to play and then run away and hide immediately. Rather makes me think of those clockwork toys you get which you wind up and then let it go. It runs around for a minute or two, clanking and making all sorts of noise and then runs down. Literally wind them up. Some people out there always need to be right, even when they know full well they are wrong, but don't like to admit it.  My little Yorkie gets quite agitated whenever the next door's cat appears on the fence. He barks wildly, but the cat has the upper hand as it knows he can't be reached. Alfie makes a lot of noise and then runs back to the house. My comments have certainly stirred things up. Oh, I do like it! At least it gets people reading my blog, which is what it's there for. No point writing it if nobody reads it.

I notice that Golden Drive is still cluttered up with those awful brightly-coloured signs the organisers of the marathon-thingy had put up on Sunday. They are that garish colour used for things like jackets worn by workmen. You certainly couldn't miss them, not even in a thick fog. Maybe they glow in the dark as well. A hazard to low-flying aircraft. Although, if you were colour blind you might have a problem.  I would have thought by now someone would have come along and removed them. I expect I'll get some sort of comment if I mention it on here. Just goes to show they don't care that they're cluttering up the street with their signs. I expect some vandal will come along and set light to them or something. Why were they never taken away on Sunday evening?

Just goes to show that some people have got nothing better to do. But, I think I'll leave it at that as I've got far better things to do with my time.
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