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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spring is in the Air!

It's a bright and sunny morning. We walked with Alfie, our Yorkie, to the Academy. It might be sunny, but it's very deceptive as there is quite a chill in the air. There is a definite sign of spring all along the Redway, trees beginning to show signs of buds, blossom on the trees opposite our house and the grass at the back of the house is growing to such a length that I'm going to have to get the mower out and cut it, which, at the moment, I am reluctant to do, as you can imagine. Carol has put some fresh food on the bird feeder and we're getting a good variety of birds who come and use it.

A little later . . .

I have made the most of the sunshine and started mowing the lawn. I did the first 'shift' (for want of a better term) during the morning and then did the second bit around midday. It was just as well I did it when I did because the grass was long and the mower was having a real struggle to do it's job properly. I hd to use my G.T.N. spray as I was beginning to get some slight angina pain in my chest, but I'm not letting that get in the way of what I'm doing. I always have a few puffs of this before I go swimming as I am prone to slight twinges of angina pain when I have swum in the past.

I am currently watching the Channel Four documentary series 'Mutiny.' It's a recreation of the epic journey the sailors who were cast adrift after the 'Mutiny on The Bounty' incident in 1789. This documentary series pits 9 relative novices against the full force of the Pacific Ocean as they make the 4000-mile journey from Tonga to Timor. It's about how they manage to not only survive the ocean, but also the confines of the re-created 23-foot long boat, open entirely to the elements, as well as managing to take on board instructions from a 'captain' and manage with the most basic of essentials such as water and food. They follow Captain William Bligh's log which he managed to keep during the voyage. This is definitely 'must see' television, making so-called 'reality' television shows such as 'Big Brother' or 'I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here' look really tame in comparison. As I enjoy anything with a history element to it, then this is perfect viewing. I enjoy those programmes which put modern people within a historic environment, such as 'Victorian Pharmacy' or 'The Victorian Slum.' 
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