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Saturday, March 04, 2017

Swimming and Shopping

The weather forecast for this weekend had said it was going to be wet and cold. Nothing like that this morning. It has been almost spring-like. Infact, one could probably say we are in the spring. There are  daffodils and other spring blooms opening all over the place, snowdrops, crocuses as well as the odd daffodil. Also, trees are showing the first signs of new leaf.

We went to Nuffield Health at around 9.15 and found the place was virtually empty. A couple of people in the swimming pool, so I was able to do quite a few lengths. I sat in the sauna for around 10 minutes. It was a good deal warmer than it has in the past, and then into the steam room. You could barely see your hand in front of you in there, due to the steam. It certainly does me good. I returned to the swimming pool and in total I did 20 lengths of the pool, but by then it was getting crowded. We both sat in the jacuzzi for another 10-15 minutes and then it was time to get out, changed, and go off to find something to eat. We drove to  the Kingston Centre and visited Marks and Spencer. We had lattes and chocolate gateau which we shared and then visited Home Sense, which is part of T.K.Maax. An amazing selection of all manner of items, furniture, storage and even books. You have to keep visiting, as you do T.K. Maax, as their stock is changing almost daily. If you see something in there you have to buy it almost immediately, as otherwise it will be gone. They only ever seem to have one or two of the same item, for example, in a particular size. We bought two Dorling Kindersly books, one on Fashion which Carol liked and another on one of my favourite subjects, William Shakespeare. The book on Fashion was reduced to £9.99, the full price is £30 and the Shakespeare one was £7.99, reduced from £16.99. These Dorling Kindersley books are so beautifully produced, with excellent photographs and graphics. We have several others in our bookshelves, several on history and art.

We returned to M and S and bought food for tonight. Pizza, salad, potatoes etc.

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