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Sunday, March 05, 2017

MK Festival of Running and Wet Weather

We won't be able to leave Eaglestone by car this morning after 9.20 due to the road being closed off because of the Milton Keynes Festival of Running. This is becoming something of an inconvenience, because they could very easily re-route the marathon so they run along the Redway and it would be a good deal safer because they would then go over any of the grid roads via bridges and underpasses. There would be little or no inconvenience to drivers and anyone else. I know it's for only a couple of hours ever few months, but it's surely time they did this. I think if enough people on our estate were to complain then they might change the route. It wouldn't make a good deal of difference, but I suppose there are those who would say 'it's always been done that way, so let's not change it.'

We have been notified well in advance of this event with letters posted through our doors as well as large yellow signs on the roads in and around Eaglestone, so it's no use complaining we haven't been warned.

It is pouring with rain, so in the next half an hour or so there's going to be a lot of very wet, cold and miserable runners passing our house. Well, I for one wont't be sorry for them. Please, just run elsewhere for one day so we don't have to contend with it all morning.

A little later . . .

I was washing up at the kitchen sink and saw a crowd of runners pass by. It was windy and raining and some of them were making a vague attempt at keeping themselves dry by wearing an odd assortment of pink bin-bags and pac-a-mac type rainwear and some odd bods carrying strange objects which I have no indication what they were. As I write this at 10.20 the sun has come out and we have another hour at least before we can venture out in the car.
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