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Monday, April 03, 2017

Relaxing Easter Break

Carol decided to take Alfie for a walk across Eaglestone Park early this morning. I don't know how Alfie knows we're planning on going out, but somehow he can tell and once he picks up the idea he starts yapping and gets over-excited. He's got used to the idea of walking with us when we go to the Academy when I go with Carol when she's going there early on a term-time morning. He is apparently building up quite a sizeable fan-base with those who either work at the Academy or are pupils there. When they got back from the walk, Alfie was just as hyped up as he was before they went and looked wet, no doubt as a result or running about in damp grass.

We had planned to go to Nuffield Health this morning, but somehow ended up visiting the MK Central Shopping Centre. Carol wanted some clothes, and we went into several shops, which included Next, Super Dry (a shop I've never been int before and probably won't again as I don't think they have the sort of clothing I would ever buy or wear.) We had a snack in Debenham's restaurant as we had parked in the multi-storey car park when we arrived and it's such an easy place to get to through Midsummer Place. We went into T.K.Maax and Carol found a pair of shoes she liked and they bought. A good place to shop, with many well known brands at exceptionally low prices, but you have to make up your mind to buy when you see something you like because they don't hold particularly large amounts of each item and if you return expecting to buy that particular item it will have gone. We went into Next but nothing of particular interest and then into Waterstone's. As we're great readers, we can never resist browsing and love their 'buy one, get another half-price' so Carol selected what she wanted and I selected what I wanted. Carol's book was 'Date With Death' by Julia Chapman (not an author I've heard of. Described on the cover as 'The Dales Detective Series' it sounds as if it might be a good read and set in an area of the country we love, Yorkshire, so no doubt it will include places we've visited when on holiday there. My book was 'The Story of Lucy Gault' by William Trevor, an author I have read before, and in particular, his short stories, which are some of the best ever written. We went into Costa coffee near Middleton Hall, but were somewhat annoyed that there was a long queue before we got to the till to order and pay. 

From the shopping centre we went off to do some shopping in Sainsbury's at The Hub and then home. We decided that we'd go to Nuffield Health tomorrow morning. 

It's been a particularly fine and sunny day today.

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