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Monday, April 24, 2017

Sky Q Box Fixed

I had booked a Sky engineer to visit to sort out the problems with the SkyQ box. He (or, indeed, she. Not to be sexist. I bet they employ female engineers.) was due between 8 and 1 today. One of those annoying time-frames. You don't know quite what to do. You can't go out. No point starting anything, just in case they turn up. I had a text reminding me that they were due, on Saturday morning. You had to text back YES if you still wanted them to come and NO if you wanted to cancel the appointment. I texted YES, mainly because it took so long the other morning to even get through to the Sky helpline. The thought of re-booking an appointment was not on the radar.

The engineer turned up at around 12. I had to scoop up Alfie, because he's likely to get out on the road if the front door is open. He's also a bit strange with anyone in the house he doesn't know. It turned out that the problem was something to do with the dish outside on the wall at the back of the house. This was after the engineer ran a few tests. I don't quite know what it was that caused the problems we've been having, but at the completion of the work, the 'touch' remote now works. Apparently, he told me, when you put new batteries in the thing you have to press the '1' and '2' keys to re-set the thing. Sort of does an initialisation or something, so that it will work with the Sky Q box. Well, at least the thing is working as it should and we shouldn't now have to go through the re-booting process every time we turn on the thing, particularly in the morning when we get up.

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