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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Alfie Has His Hair Cut

I'd had Alfie booked to go to the groomer's at Pets At Home for about a month. Luckily it had been a really mild and warm day. Infact, it must have been the warmest day so far this year. Being able to get his cage loaded into the back of the car was my main aim early in the morning. I had to make sure he was safely installed in the kitchen first, with the door closed. Any hint of a noise and he'd start yapping. But fortunately he wasn't aware of what I had planned. By about 11.30 I was almost ready to drive over to Bletchley and had to get him on his lead without him having an idea I was about to take him out. A few minutes later and I'd got him ready to go. He had got an idea what I was about to do and began the usual noise. He's just too sharp for me.

I got parked in a convenient spot near Pets At Home and got him out of the car. As usual, all and sundry would have heard that Alfie had arrived. We went in through the Pets At Home store as the Grooming Room is at the back of the building. The lady on reception filled in a form because you have to give your details as to how you want your dog to be groomed. Alfie had quite a lot of knots in his coat as well as some nasty bits under his eyes which needed removing. It seems most dogs get these bits on their faces. We had tried to remove them ourselves but he doesn't like you even attempting. The same with any knots in his coat. He isn't too keen if you try to comb or brush his coat. I think it's probably because it can hurt if you get the comb caught in a knot and it pulls.

I had to spend the next two hours kicking my heels. It didn't seem much point going home, even though it's not that far. I had a refreshment break at Gregg's, as there is a handy branch only a few doors away from Pets At Home. I bought a baguette a drink and some crisps and sat outside at a conveniently placed table. Other people had the idea, no doubt people having their lunch break from work. A couple of starlings came and pinched bits of food that got dropped, and in particular very brave and friendly starling. I managed to get some photos of this little bird on my iPhone.

The friendly starling I had pleasure of seeing at Gregg's

These are such colourful little birds that always congregate where they know there'll be scraps of food. I don't think the other customers of Gregg's were quite as tolerant of them as I was. This one was jumping on spare tables and chairs but eventually flew away when he realised he wasn't going to get anything more to eat.

I had to buy some things for Carol. She likes Nestlé's coffees in sachets that you make up with hot water. Specifically vanilla lattes. There is a Tesco's only a short walk away from where I had parked the car, so I went over and bought these packets. I went back to sit in the car for a while and then browsed in T.K. Maax. It was surprising how quickly the two hours passed. I wasn't going back to Pets At Home too early because I wanted to keep away from the grooming parlour because I knew that if Alfie saw me he would only start making loud barking and yapping noises and it would be difficult for the groomer to do her job properly. 

When I eventually walked through the door in the grooming parlour, I didn't immediately see Alfie. I had a word with the lady who had been grooming him. There was absolutely no sound from Alfie either. He had been a good boy, although he hadn't appreciated being bathed. No surprise, as he doesn't enjoy being bathed, or getting wet! Unlike Poppy, who would dive into the nearest stretch of water whenever she was given the opportunity, and not always at the most convenient. Usually it was freezing cold, muddy and most usually smelly!

Then Alfie was brought in to the reception area. He began barking wildly when he saw me and ran about as he has a tendency to do. He looked so different, clipped really short! Almost a new and completely different dog, having had a long wavy coat for so long. It makes him looks so much better when he's clipped. At least he'll be ready to face the summer months. No more tangles, his face is looking particularly fresh. He can see better without those clumps of hair in the way of his eyes and those nasty black lumps under his eyes are gone. He would never let us deal with those unpleasant bits and where they were are rather red and raw but they should clear up. I paid what was owed and then we went home. I was surprised how quiet Alfie was when he was in the cage in the back of the car as he usually makes little yapping sounds when we're driving anywhere and he's in the car with us.

Alfie, taken on my iPhone. He was rushing around barking and it was difficult to get a decent shot but this was the best shot out of around half a dozen I managed to take of him showing how much was trimmed off by the groomer. I think, if you compare this with earlier photos of him before he was trimmed, I think you'll agree he looks much better.

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