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Monday, May 15, 2017

Mixed Weather

It was a strange sort of weekend on the weather-front. It started out rather unsettled, rather over-cast, but by Sunday late afternoon it was quite sunny and warm. We didn't have to endure next door's D.I.Y. sounds. Whatever they were up to out there in their garden didn't make any sort of sound. Glimpsing from our bedroom window it looks a bit like a builder's yard with a pile of bricks in one corner and on the roof of their shed an up-turned wheelbarrow. Carol said, had I noticed the new shed? I replied, 'what shed?' There could hardly be room for another? The garden is about the same size as ours, around 15X25 feet at the most. Then she pointed out that there were sections of shed leant up against the lean-to near the house. I could see it when I had another look. Where on earth are they going to re-assemble it? There is hardly enough space. They have been putting down blocks to form a sort of patio area on one side and the remaining space is grass. Or is it turf? It must be turf, because how could grass seed suddenly sprout so quickly, and the other morning I saw a large lorry at the front of our house (it blocked us in completely) which has 'turf' written on it's side. It was one of those large flat-bed lorries which has it's own lift system built in, which would be used to unload whatever material it carried, in this case, turf. So I imagine this turf (it can't have been a particularly large amount, considering the small space left in their garden next door) was unloaded at some point in the day and which I didn't see. I just hope we don't have to endure more sounds next weekend. We were hoping for rain, so that they couldn't do any more work and spare us the constant noises. They have been laying more of the bricks for their patio/terrace (whatever you want to call it, I don't know.) The next thing well know, they have re-created Stowe Landscape Gardens with follies and lakes. Yes, that would be the last thing they'd have, a water feature, a fountain or something that makes a trickling sound. Plenty to choose from at any number of garden centres around Milton Keynes, such as Frost's or Wyevale in Woburn Sands or Dobbie's at Fenny Stratford.
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