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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Roadworks and Repairs

I'd been to Morrison's at Elder Gate in Milton Keynes yesterday morning. When I came back I came through the Four Bridges roundabout near Eaglestone and noticed that there were traffic cones around Chaffron Way. It was only when I swung round into Saxon Street that I noticed a vast puddle of water. It seems there is a leak in the water system on a regular basis at that point. You need to slow down when approaching as it can be quite dangerous and you risk going into a sort of aqua-plane which might mean you would swerve across the road. There was a car on my tail. It was too close for comfort.  There is a bus stop within yards of the roundabout and you have to be careful if there is a bus pulled in to disgorge passengers or pick some up. It's a good idea to wait to see if the bus is going to pull out into the road again as it draws away. The car behind me was eager to speed on past, expecting me to do the same without heeding the bus. It is actually a 40 M.P.H. zone along that stretch of road, but I don't think some people realise this. There has been a digital display set up at the side of the road which warns you to 'Slow Down,' and you get a smiley face if you are obeying the correct speed. At the moment this device has been removed, but the pole it is fitted to is still in place. Yesterday when I came back from Sainsbury's I couldn't drive onto the slip road which is on the left-hand side of the road. It was blocked by a string of orange cones. On the way out I saw a lorry parked in Harrier Drive which had lengths of metal of some sort on the back. On closer inspection I noticed they were lamp posts. I think the workmen are replacing the lamp posts along Saxon Street. I have an idea they are putting in more efficient L.E.D. lamps.

There's paint around some of the worst potholes around Eaglestone.  Is it a sign that the Council intends reparing these holes? But are they going to deal with some of the really bad holes, particularly as you come into the estate from Saxon Street? Also, going around Golden Drive, there are some really bad holes, especially the speed bumps. Is it a wonder that we have to spend out a considerable amount having the suspension on the car fixed so many times? It may be fine in the summer months, but come the winter, when there is frost on the ground, when ice gets into these crevices in the road-surface. As it expands, it breaks up the road surface even more, and gets worse as the winter progresses, freeze/thaw, until the road surface just disintegrates. 
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