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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday . . .

We didn't do much this weekend. It has been really wet and windy, and very cold. We stayed in the house all Saturday. We did, however, take the dogs to Stockgrove Park for a walk on Sunday. There was someone there selling Christmas trees. All profits are going to Stockgrove Park and these trees are grown locally, so we may buy our tree there next weekend. As we were talking to the man in charge, somehow or other Alfie managed to get off his lead. He must have pulled and pulled and slipped the collar. He ran around and round, and we hadn't noticed that he'd managed to extricate himself. Not a real problem, but this was in the carpark and he has no sense and could have got run over. We walked up over the top of the park, the longest way round and met lots of people exercising their dogs. Alfie has no brakes as regards introducing himself to other dogs. He barges in and sniffs even the biggest dogs. I think that some of these dogs, in particular a couple of really beautiful chocolate-coloured Labradors, were overwhelmed by his antics. We headed down towards the lake and the path round the other side and back to the carpark, but had to put Poppy on her lead as she has a tendency to jump in the lake and have a swim, which wouldn't have been such a good idea as it was so cold. Alfie was alright off his lead. I don't think he'd like the water that much and didn't even look at the lake, or make any attempt to chase the ducks that were on the water. We got back to the car and headed back to the centre of Milton Keynes.

On Monday I had to take the car to be M.O.T'd. I can't believe that it's a year since it was last done. Last year it was failed because there was a tiny chip on the windscreen, right in the line of vision. We managed to get it repaired by someone at the local retail park (where there's Halfords, Comet and other stores.) and they managed to fix it with a liquid solution. I had to go to the garage to book it in and the appointment was at 3 o'clock. The car failed this time because the windscreen washer wasn't working. I sat at the garage from just before 3 until nearly six. Carol telephoned to say that her friend Minette would give her a lift to the garage and she arrived about half an hour later. The garage have told us that they will have to order a new pump for the windscreen washer, and I have since spoken to the garage and they are trying to get this part and that, hopefully, once they have the part they will be able to replace the old pump sometime today.

This morning I have been to the doctor's surgery and had my swineflu lab. I have taken Carol to work at the Academy, and we found that there was frost overnight and had to scrape some ice off the car's windscreen. The first really sharp frost this winter. Fortunately we had a scraper in the glover compartment of the car. I have already had the seasonal flu jab. I fit the criteria to have these jabs as I've had a heart attack. The appointment was for 9.10 and it was rather difficult to park the car as the surgery is right next to a primary school and there were a lot of parents dropping off their children, hence no parking spaces, but I went round the block and came back and then found a convenient space. The surgery waiting room was heaving with people waiting for their doctor's appointments and there were more people there than usual and waiting to have their swineflu jabs. I didn't manage to get into the nurse's room for the jab until around 9.40, but at least it's done. I was told that I ought to wait in the surgery for 10 minutes, just in case there was a reaction, which there wasn't.

The garage has since rung me to say that they aren't going to be able to get the part for the car until tomorrow. So I will have to wait until they ring tomorrow so that I can take the car back to the garage to have the pump fitted.
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