Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Trip To Bournemouth

Last Saturday we went to see Carol's parents, who live in Moordown, Bournemouth. We haven't seen them for well over a year, what with one thing and another. We left bright and early, around 7.30 and got there just before 11 a.m. Carol's mother went through her kitchen and has given us a lot of things that she no longer wants, such as cooking tins, cake tins, glasses and a food chopper/mixer. We went to Allum Chine, which is in the up-market of Bournemouth, full of big houses and really expensive, walked along the promenade, and, although it wasn't particularly warm, was fairly crowded. We had coffee in a restaurant and sat out on the terrace. We saw a couple of seagulls approach, and they looked as if they could give you a nasty nip with their beaks if they were that way inclined. I was surprised how large they were. You normally see them at a distance, and not at such close range. They were picking up the remains of food that people had left behind. We then drove into the centre of Bournemouth and went to a Weatherspoons pub and had a meal. It was very busy. We then went into Debenhams, which was immediately next to the pub. I am looking for a decent shirt and we went into the menswear department and had a look. We bought a shirt in Milton Keynes on Friday, in the Debenhams branch there, but it was worthwhile having a look in the Bournemouth branch. When we finished the meal we drove back to the flat and left for home at about 4.30, arriving home at about 7.30.
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