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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cold and Foggy Morning

The day began foggy and cold, but as the morning progressed the sun come out and as it warmed things up the fog  gradually disappeared. The extreme weather we were expecting has not really come to anything, although I'm not so sure about the rest of the country. It was wet and windy on Friday, but then that soon cleared up. As we were driving to Bournemouth on Saturday we were hoping that the weather would improve, which it did. As I write this (12.25 p.m.) the sun is out, although it's not particularly warm, but when I drove into the centre of Milton Keynes to go to Sainsbury's, it was really quite foggy and visability was quite poor. One thing I don't like is driving in fog. It can be really rather dangerous, particularly when other drivers don't seem to care about the effect their driving has on others. Hurtling along as if they hadn't a care in the world, and not slowing down to take into consideration the weather conditions makes driving really difficult and stressful. As I drove past Milton Keynes College, which is over the road and beyond the Academy on Woughton Campus and a mere stonesthrow away, I saw a group of what must have been students standing in the middle of the road attempting to cross. They seemed to have absolutely no sense of danger as they were perilously close to being run into by a passing car because they could only been seen when you were relatively close as the fog was quite thick in that area. I also saw a youth wandering across the road with his attention taken up with his mobile, checking his text messages or something and almost certainly totally unaware of any traffic that might run into him. This seems to be a common sight, people more interested in their mobiles, either talking on them or texting, or else with headphones on plugged into their iPods. I have even seen people riding bicycles with headphones on, which must be even more dangerous because they can surely not be able to hear any car horns or just the sound of cars approaching. Even worse is the sight of car drivers using their mobiles as they drive, which is actually illegal and can get you a fine of around £60 and a few points on your Driving Licence.
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