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Friday, December 03, 2010

Baby Sitting Service

A work colleage of Carol's, Minette, has had problems with childcare. Something to do with the nursery where her little boy, Trevor, goes to, so I was asked to look after him yesterday. He's nearly four and knows me fairly well. He's been to our house and gets on well with Poppy and Alfie. I took Carol to work by car, and then drove to Minette's flat to collect them. The weather has not be quite as bad as it might have been, but it was really cold and the roads within the estate where they live was slippery and dangerous.

I then took Minette to the Academy and dropped her off and then returned home with Trevor. He doesn't say a lot and must be one of the quietest children I know. He was quite content chasing the dogs around the house. Alfie kept barking at him, probably as he isn't used to having new faces in the house and he doesn't meet many people, except when we go out for walks. I think it may be that his little routine was changed for the day, as he usually gets me to himself (even with Poppy at home) and also he may be trying to get Trevor to play with him. He may also be trying to protect me, although I can't see how he can see a toddler as a threat. We watched television, mainly the BBC Children's channel. I don't think I've seen so much children's television in years. I have to say "In The Night Garden" is quite beautiful (as children's shows go) and I can appreciate the design, colours and the overall concept of this programme as I have worked with puppets and at one time even devised a project that was almost taken up and commissioned by an independent television production company. I had been to Waterstone's the day before to buy some books to read to him (an offer was on, 'buy two, and get one free." One of the books is the classic Maurice Sendak book "Where The Wild Things Are.") All this takes me back to when my daugher, Chloe, was a child, and I used to read to her (she's now 26) and the fun I used to get out of doing all the voices and generally making a big thing out of reading. I have read "Pooh" and done all the character voices (what parent hasn't done this for their child?) Anyway, we had a good time and I enjoyed the experience, even though I had to keep an eye on Trevor relentlessly all day, and by the end of it I was really tired. I suppose I have some good experience, working in care and particularly with people with learning disabilities. You can never take your eyes off them as they can get into all sorts of trouble.

Carol returned from the Academy with Minette at 3.30, although Minette had to go back to work as there was some sort of Sixth Form open evening which she had to attend, so we had Trevor with us until gone 7 p.m.  He had fallen asleep on the sofa, with Daniel, (my stepson) who was playing a computer game. We gave him his dinner and then took him to collect Minette from the Academy and then take them home. We then went to Tesco's at Oldbrook, as Carol had a desire for chocolate (after a tiring day, can you blame her?) and when we got home I made hot chocolate (one of my specialities.) By which time it was heading for 9 o'clock and we began to watch a fascinating television programme on BBC2 called "At Home With The Georgians." I have a particular interest in history, so this was worth watching. The BBC seems to be making a real effort to make some good programmes that appeal to a minority, rather than all the trivia (including "Strictly Come Dancing."). I don't like so-called 'reality television' and particularly things with 'celebrities' in. I do, however, enjoy the actual dance element of "Strictly" but all the hype about celebrities is so boring.
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