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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

A bitterly cold and frosty morning

It's bitterly cold this morning. It was difficult to tell whether there had been a fall of snow or a hard frost overnight when we walked over to the Academy early this morning. The dogs wanted to get outside, and Alfie barked. I still reckon that there must be a cat in the garden shed. I'll have to brave the elements and have a look.

We are having trouble with our electric cooker. Well, to be accurate, it isn't actually our property, but our landlord's. The thing either burns everything we put into it or it doesn't cook it at all. The rings take ages to warm up and don't always work properly. We have contacted the agency about this, and they promised that they'd get in touch with the landlord and ask him to replace the thing, but we still haven't heard anything. The cooker has already ruined a chicken and several pizzas due to over-cooking. We really need this sorted out otherwise Christmas is going to be somewhat difficult if we can't cook properly.
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