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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Doctor's appointment

 I went for my doctor's appointment well before 3.30 yesterday afternoon. I was scheduled to pick Carol up from the Academy at 4, so when I made the doctor's appointment I thought that I'd have enough time to get to the Academy on time. But I was still sitting and waiting in the waiting area well past 3.30. People came and went, seemingly going straight in to the doctor's surgery before me. When I did eventually get in (to see one of the doctors whom I haven't had an appointment with before) it was at least 4 o'clock. I am being put on some new medication, something which is supposed to protect my kidneys. It's incredible that you have to take further medication to counteract the side-effects of other medications. I was given the results of my blood test. My cholestrol is 5.2, slightly over what it should be. I was told that it should be below 5, so that isn't too bad. I don't make a point of eating particularly fatty food, but, taking Pravastatin I think I'm entitled to be somewhat less careful as I know the statins break up any excess cholestrol. The doctor was explaining what all these drugs do, but frankly I didn't take in much of it as I wasn't 100% focussed due to tiredness. I have to have a further blood best in the New Year to keep an eye of liver, kidney and other functions (including cholestrol levels.) I left the surgery with a bundle of prescription forms, and drove straight to the Academy. Carol was waiting outside and her friend Minette came out and we drove to Springfield to collect Trevor from the childminder. We took them to Fishermead, where Minette and her husband Gerald lives. We drew up near a chemist's, so we went in to have my prescriptions made up, and Carol wanted some medication herself, some Actifed tablets, but it turned out that the chemist had none in stock. We left the prescriptions being made up and I will go back sometime today to get the medications. We needed some items for our evening meal and find somewhere to buy Actifed and went to Sainsbury's. We bought a loaf of bread, some salad and garlic bread and then went home. Daniel made us spaghetti bolognaise for our evening meal.

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