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Monday, December 13, 2010

Car Colission

The cabbie who ran into the Atoz on Friday morning came back that evening and gave me the address of the repair shop in Bletchley. I went over there early this morning. It is in a side street near the football stadium. The man there took the make and model of the car and says that he will get a quote for a new side panel, as the dent can't be knocked out. I am concerned that is not left too long, because, from experience, a small scratch or dent soon rusts and it can lead to all sorts of problems if left too long. He will let me know as soon as he has located a replacement part and phoned the man responsible for the damage and sort things out as regards when it can be repaired, but I'd prefer it done in the New Year, as we don't want to be without the car over the Christmas period, due to being able to use it to go out and about.
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