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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Surgery Letter

My doctor's surgery has written to me to say that I should make an appointment with their Heart Clinic. I can't see the point, as I have been to several appointments at the Cardiology Department at Milton Keynes Hospital, the most recent being back in November, with a follow-up appointment with my G.P. I have had my medication changed, and I'm due to have a blood test to check on liver function on 31st December. What difference will it make? I can't see it will make any difference. It seems such a waste of paper to write to me when I live so close to the surgery. Why not email me? Wouldn't that save paper and the environment? I think these letters get sent out because I'm on a database somewhere and things are flagged up when the words 'heart condition' are put against your name. I reckon the staff wouldn't be going through people's individual details looking for such things so they can send out a letter. I had an appointment at Milton Keynes Hospital some while ago, as a letter was sent to me advising me that I was booked to see a consultant, and when I arrived at the hospital and eventually saw the consultant he said to me 'what are you doing here? There was not need for an appointment to see me!' Crazy. The computer just generated the letter and it was sent out automatically. It would appear that no human hand was involved, perhaps not even putting the letter in an envelope and putting it into the Postal system (even letters can be folded and put into envelopes my mechanical aids these days, such is the power of scientific discovery and invention.) So, what a waste of N.H.S. resources. As it stands, I think I'm being well enough looked after by the various professionals I come into contact without going for further appointments.
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