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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Falling Snow

We've been shopping to Morrison's early this morning. The car doors were again frozen up when we went out to the car and I had to get the washing-up bowl filled with hot water to defrost the doors before we could get into the car. We decided that we'd try to avoid the mad crush that there was likely to be and when we got to Westcroft it wasn't particularly busy. We had to go to Boot's to get Carol's prescription made up and went to Morrison's to do Christmas shopping and then returned to Boot's to collect the completed prescription. It was quite slippery as we walked across the carpark and by the time we came back to the car having completed our shopping the car doors were again frozen up. It took some effort to defrost the doors, and by now it was beginning to snow. As I write this (1 p.m.) the snow is falling heavily and has been doing so for the past couple of hours. We unloaded the car and I made hot chocolate with marshmallows which went down really well, considering the freezing temperature outside. We don't need to go anywhere else today and now have enough food to see us through the holiday period.
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