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Friday, December 31, 2010

No Blood

I was booked to go to my doctor's surgery for a blood test. Incorrect- to have a sample of blood taken for a blood test. It was booked for 9 a.m. so that it would be out of the way quickly. I am not good with needles, blood and the fact that it's going to be taken. It goes back to a morning long ago when I had to go to the hospital in Bedford to give a blood sample, had to fast before hand, gave the sample, began to feel queasy, went outside, queasy feeling continued, sat on low wall, and fell over on the ground, biting the dust and gravel, at which point an ambulance arrived (it was arriving at the hospital for another purpose, but it's timing seemed spot-on) and then I was surrounded by paramedics and carted off to A and E department. Felt a complete idiot of myself, and have ever since not liked giving blood.

Well, this morning the nurse couldn't find a vein to put the needle into to take blood, on two attempts, for whatever reason it wasn't possible, so I have to go back for another appointment next month. I have been told that I have narrow veins, and that drinking plenty might help, but even that didn't work this time round.
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