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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Snow gone?

The weather has changed from cold and snowy to cold, dank and miserable. I looked out of the window earlier and there was some fog about. There was a small amount of ice and snow at the front of the house, but not too much to worry about. A cheque we have been waiting for has finally arrived. Over-payment of something, so we have been into the centre to put it in the Nationwide. Carol drove me to the branch, I got out and managed to use one of the machines to put the cheque into the account without having to queue. It would have taken at least an hour, I reckon, to reach the cashier, and it didn't look as if they were going to put on extra staff to help the situation. Well, at least you can use the machines- key in your P.I.N., follow the instructions on-screen and put the cheque in the slot. It even gives you a photocopy of the cheque and you don't even have to put in the amount written on the cheque. That's modern technology for you. Outside the shopping centre, it was total chaos. People losing their tempers because they can't park where they want to. Carol had to drive round the block until I came out of the Nationwide. People going totally nuts because there are sales on and they can't get to the shops they want to. Total madness.
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