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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year

A Happy New Year to all those who read this blog regularly, whoever you may be, and wherever you are. If you feel inclinded to leave a comment, please feel free to do so, as any kind of feedback is always useful. 

Yesterday we did some shopping in Kingston Tesco's and bought myself a new mobile phone. You had to spend over £40 to get this particular phone with £20 off. It's a Sony Ericcson, similar to my old one, so it's relatively easy to set up and add calling credit to. Top-up with £10 of credit and you get £20 free, which seemed a really good offer. Carol bought herself a new mobile in Carphone warehouse, which is in the same complex at Kingston, near Tesco's. 

It has turned out to be a really dull and overcast sort of day to begin 2011. We didn't do much to see in the New Year, as we have been stuck indoors for the past couple of weeks due to the weather. We had decided that we'd go out somewhere today, anywhere which meant we could get out of the house, as a sort of stir crazy sense had sent in, and we went to Aylesbury in the car, which is around 15 miles from Milton Keynes. The sun did venture out at one point, but by the time we turned round and came home the weather had become dull, grey and overcast. A gloomy fog hung over the Buckinghamshire landscape which added to the atmosphere of drear. 

On arriving in Aylesbury we parked in a multi-storey carpark. I've parked in there before (when I'd come to do training for Phoenix Healthcare at the beginning of last year, but as since turned out to be a total waste of time as the amount of work I got out of that particular agency has been more or less non-existent.) We found that we could park without paying, as today is a Bank Holiday. We wandered around the town centre and went into whatever shops had bothered to open (odd, considering it's a Saturday today and most shops would have been heaving, particularly as most have January sales on and there is going to be a V.A.T. increase in a few day's time.) We went into Costa's for coffee, and then went into one of the shopping centres. First off, into B.H.S. as Carol wants to get some trousers to wear for work. She didn't find what she wanted. Then into House of Fraser. Some really nice stuff in the menswear department. I'm after a new shirt, anything colourful and different. Plenty of choice, but we didn't buy anything. Then into Waterston's and spent time browsing in their books. A lot of what we saw is actually cheaper on Amazon, so we wrote down the I.S.B.N. numbers.

We eventually landed up in W.H. Smith, where there were some really good offers on books, some of which Carol will find useful for her job as a science teacher. One was originally priced at £50 and was less than half price. We went back to the carpark and drove home. As I said at the beginning of this post, the weather is overcast today, and it seemed like early-evening, due to the low-light levels. 

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