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Friday, December 24, 2010

'Sno Go Area

How many puns can I make up using the word 'snow'? Not particularly amusing, I suppose, but I'm running out of ideas for the title of each post.

We got up early this morning and decided to go to Tesco's to do some last-minute shopping. This was a vain attempt to avoid any crowds there were likely to be. It worked, up to a point. There has been a slight thaw today, there has been a very weak sun out, and as a result the temperature seems a good deal higher, but it still took some while to defrost the car before we could get out of the driveway. We have heard the sound of ice breaking off from the roof and falling past the bedroom window. It was somewhat disconcerting at first, as it sounded rather like someone throwing stones at the window, but I saw it fall, so it was nothing much to worry about.

We eventually got the car defrosted and went to the Kingston Tesco's. It wasn't particularly busy, but the carpark was very iced up and there was the danger of slipping over. We did our shopping (had a look at iPods which Tesco now sells. Really impressed and secretly would like one. Clever bit of kit. Trust Apple to come up with something so brilliant. Also mobile phones. Mine has worn out and needs replacing urgently.) and then went into Marks and Spencer's. Carol bought a rather nice T-shirt and we looked at shirts for me. In two days they'll have a sale, so what's the point of buying things that will do doubt be cheaper in a few day's time?

We got petrol as we left Tesco's. Typical that they raise the price when there's a Bank Holiday and people are going to need to fill up their cars. Just another example of exploitation if you ask me.

We got home, opened the door and found that the Postman had left one of those 'You were out when we tried to deliver  a parcel' cards. We only missed the delivery by 30 minutes or so. I'll have to drive to the Sorting Office at Brinklow (actually just over the road from Tesco's at Kingston.) to get the parcel. I'll go at around 3.30 this afternoon.  I know it will be the present I ordered for Carol on-line 10 days ago, which I have been expecting. At least it will mean I can get it wrapped and put under the Christmas tree with the other presents. I had my doubts it would arrive in time.
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