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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Snow, Snow, quick, quick, snow . . .

Well, it hasn't gone away, nor does it look as if it's likely to go any time soon, so we're dug in here and will make the most of it over the Christmas period. We were supposed to go to a carol concert at church on Sunday afternoon, but it was cancelled. I think, looking at the state of the roads and the footpaths, it was safer to cancel, unfortunately. There was a film shown yesterday evening, "A Christmas Carol," the new Disney version, but we didn't go, for the same reason as above. We've wrapped all our presents and went to M and S at the railway station when we dropped off Daniel yesterday afternoon, where we got some basics. A rather nice tin of Scottish shortbread and a chocolate yule log amongst the items! As the slogan for Marks and Spencer goes 'there's food, and then there's Mark's and Spencer food!' It is extra-special.
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