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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Thaw . . . at last!

There have been further strange noises outside as ice and snow falls off the roof of the house. Yesterday it was a good deal milder, thankfully. We've been indoors for far too long, apart from taking Daniel to the train station and brief shopping trips. We really want to get out, being entertained with Christmas television is beginning to pall considerably. At last there are signs of the grass in the back garden, which has been covered by several inches of the white stuff since the first falls of snow well over a week ago. Hopefully we can go out this Saturday, somewhere or other, possibly somewhere we can drive to in the Cotswolds or Oxfordshire. We've been to Thame, Burford and Stow-On-The-Wold, old fashioned market towns with stacks of history. The dogs need a good walk and perhaps tomorrow me can take them out for a treat, which they deserve. Alfie, particularly, needs a good run to use up his energy. Poppy, on the other hand, will just enjoy a sedate stroll.
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