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Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow still . . .

The gas ran out on Saturday (Christmas Day). It was to be expected, as we have had the heating on constantly since the cold weather has been with us. I had to put the emergency credit on, meaning I had to go outside in the cold and snow and balance on the chair and attempt to put the card in the meter slot. This emergency ran out yesterday morning, so it's been cold in the house. I walked to the local shop in Eaglestone (the nearest place to top up gas and electric credit.) It was easier to walk there rather than defrost the car, which would have taken longer than the time it would take to walk to the shop. The paths there were thick with snow and ice and on several occasions I nearly slipped over. The dustmen thought it necessary to block the way with piles of rubbish bags, which was rather unnecessary. People have been shopping in town, as I saw a couple unloading their car with John Lewis bags. It's amazing that it's a day after Christmas and people are out buying the same sort of things they could have bought a few days ago for a good deal more. I got to the shop to discover that I  couldn't top up the gas as the machine they have their wasn't working. It meant another day without gas. It didn't actually run out until this morning.

We decided to go across Milton Keynes to Budgens to top up the gas card, as we weren't sure where the nearest place is to do this. On the way back we visited Carphone Warehouse to look at new mobiles, as we both want to replace ours. Mine gave up on me ages ago, unfortunately. The battery will no longer charge, and it will cost around £20 for a new one, and for that money I may as well buy a completely new model and top up the credit for £10.
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