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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Gave Blood

I've had no less than three letters from my doctor's surgery telling me that I must make an appointment with their heart clinic. They seem to get more and more annoyed with me for not making this appointment. What I want to know is this: what is it that the doctor there knows about heart conditions that the cardiologist at Milton Keynes hospital doesn't know? Anyway, I have eventually relented and made the appointment to have a blood test, which would be used once the results come back, and will be used to assess my state of health at the doctors appointment. The blood test was yesterday morning at 9.45. There was no problem (as you will know from earlier posts- my inability to give blood as required has not always been helpful.) but the nurse managed to find a vein in my arm and the sample of blood was produced.

The point I'm making here is that, having worked as a carer, I do have quite a lot of knowledge about medications, and how, if you give one type of medication, it might interact in certain ways if given with another. I do have training in meds administration and know where to look for information on such things (one being the standard text as used by the N.H.S. and will be found in all doctors surgeries. Its called the British National Formulary. It's available in print-form but there is a website. Its bnf.org. You may need to register if you want to get the full benefit from it.) I do know where to go if I have a problem with my health, particularly my heart. We live very close to the hospital and the doctor's surgery is a short walk or drive from here. Being bombarded with mail from the surgery is annoying and a waste of time and resources. 

I'm not exactly in the best of health at the moment. We have had problems with our washing machine, and it fused before it had finished its wash cycle. Consequently the clothes weren't rinsed properly, and I have developed a rather unpleasant rash which I think has come from contact with the residue of the washing-powder in my clothes. I am itching uncontrollably, and have used a antihistimine cream to try and relieve the irritation. This hasn't really helped, so the other morning I rang the health helpline, N.H.S. Direct and was told that I should use an aqueous cream on the rash. This we got in Boots on Saturday, and after applying it, I have found that it is relieving the itching considerably.
On top of the rash, I have also developed a rather unpleasant cough, and got some cough syrup to relieve that which we got from Superdrug on Sunday. I'm spending time at home today and in bed to try and get all these ailments to clear up.
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