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Monday, June 13, 2011

Wild and Windy Weather

Well, that's summer over and done with. It must be, as we've had nothing but rain and wind all weekend. We have been really spoilt, but I don't actually like it TOO hot. Bright and sunny, yes, but not so hot that you melt.

Carol is on Half-Term next week. It is acually only about five weeks until the end of term, and the rest of the schools have had Half-Term, two weeks ago. Daniel, my Stepson, announced a few weeks ago that he'd like to have a party here, but told us that he would like it if Carol and I weren't here. So, he said, he'd pay for us to stay in a hotel for a night, so that he and his friends could 'get drunk'. Sounded great to Carol and I, but I was wondering what they would actually get up to. While the cat's away, and all that. . .
Anyway, we had to think of a suitable place to go that we really liked. I suggested Southwold, but Daniel couldn't find anywhere cheap enough for us to stay. So we then suggested Brighton, as there's lots for us to do there, and Carol wants to visit the Brighton Pavilion. Daniel spent some time on the internet looking for reasonably-priced accomodation, and in the end he found us a hotel in Worthing, which is a few miles further along the coast. So, in a couple of week's time we're going down to Brighton on the Wednesday morning, and then going on to spend the night in the hotel in Worthing. We can't wait!
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