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Monday, June 13, 2011

Potting Compost STOLEN!

We've been attempting to solve the problem of the dogs 'arguing' with next door's dog. 'Arguing' being the operative word. Alfie is actually responsible. I have mentioned in earlier posts that he has escaped through holes in the fence. I think what it is is that he can hear our neighbour's rabbits scuttling around, just the other side of the fence, and when their dog comes out of their house he can see him/her/it through the fence. Alfie, being the terrier that he is, stares (!) through the gaps in the fence then begins to bark at the dog. We usually rush out and attempt to get him back into the house, and as the neighbour's dog continues to bark, and run into the fence, the whole construction begins to move. Nobody from the neighbour's side of the fence attempts to stop their dog barking. As a result of all this we have been trying to find a way to stop these 'attacks' (For want of a better word.) As this is a rented property, we don't want to spend too much, and I have already contacted the rental agency to try and get the landlord to repair the fence, but, so far, they seem reluctant to do anything about it. Presumably, as they don't want to spend any money. The fence in general is in a pretty poor state of repair.

One solution we have come up with, is to buy a planter, which is made of whicker, and which we got in Willington Garden Centre the other week. The idea is to put this right up against the fence, so that it hides the gaps in the fence, the weight of the soil/compost inside it protects the wobbly fence from further attacks from either side, and we also get somewhere to plant some tomatoes (which came as a result of a really great offer in last week's Saturday edition of the Daily Telegraph. Next week there's three packets of free seeds.) We purchased three bags of potting compost from Aldi last week. These we got with our shopping, and they were unloaded at the front of the house and have been sitting on the paving for several days. I managed to hoist them out of the car, but, having a heart problem, I can't lift heavy weights, so they had sat at the front of the house until Daniel, my stepson, could move them into the back garden.

Yesterday morning I was about to drive to Church, when I noticed that two of these bags of potting compost were missing. It occured to me that they had been stolen. I know we should have moved them out of the way, out of prying eyes, but that doesn't excuse them being stolen. I have an idea when they were taken. I went to the bathroom at around 10 p.m. on Saturday, and the dogs started barking, just as a car drew up at the front of the house. I couldn't see exactly what was going on, as the bathroom window has frosted glass in it, but it was there for only a few seconds, but, thinking about it now, it must have been then that the bags of potting compost was lifted.
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