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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Novel Writing

I've just completed another large section of the novel. I've transferred it all onto Word, and made a few 'tweaks' as I've gone along. I'm really surprised that it runs to a little over 5,000 words. I've read it back and I'm rather pleased with my efforts.

We took a load of rubbish to take to the tidy-tip at Coffee Hall. We never knew this facility was so close and we usually go to the one at Bradwell, so that cut out a long car journey. The one at Coffee Hall is no more than a five-minute drive away. As we began loading the stuff in the car, the sky darkened, the clouds rolled in and it began to rain heavily. Very spooky. Is someone trying to tell us something? It was a really torrential storm with wind and the lot thrown in for good measure, almost as if the special effects people on a movie were having a field day.  Ominous, or what? As I write this it is really warm and sunny.
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