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Monday, September 12, 2011

Windy Day

As forecast, we're experience quite high winds here in Milton Keynes. It's sunny and bright, and the sun goes in occasionally when it clouds over. Is this the tail-end of the hurricane they've had in America? One begins to wonder.

I went into the Milton Keynes shopping centre. I had to go back to Boots because when I'd taken Carol's repeat prescription in for them to make up they didn't have all the required meds for the order, so I went in this morning. As usual I parked in the free spaces near Xscape (near the old, empty Sainsbury's units.) I waked back to the car and noticed a group of youths painting the uprights of the shelters you walk under on your way to and from the carpark. They had flourescent jackets on and there appeared to be a supervisor in charge. On the back of one of the jackets was plainly printed for all to see 'Community Pay-Back Scheme.' I'm wondering if these youths were not in some way involved in the recent riots and this was their sentence. Who knows, but at least, for whatever crime they had committed, this was a good way for them to give back to society.
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