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Monday, January 16, 2012

Car Frozen Up- Wouldn't start

On Saturday morning we woke up to find a hard frost and the car covered in a layer of ice. It took some time to get even the doors to open, having to pour hot water onto the locks. Once inside, the next problem was getting the thing to start. It didn't- even after several attempts. Carol had a tutoring session at 10, so she had to ring the lady whose daughter she tutors,for an hour. The lady had to come and pick Carol up. We rang someone at M.K.C.C. who is a motor mechanic, Laverne. His wife answered and she said she'd pass on the message. When Carol returned home, we decided to get a bus into Milton Keynes Sopping Centre, so we caught a bus near the Academy and went to pay a cheque into my Nationwide account which had come in the post during the morning. We went to shop at Iceland and then came home on the bus. Actually we found it quite straighforward. The bus ride is no more than 10 minutes, if that, and isn't that expensive.

Laverne rang in reply to our call about the car. He came at around 2.30, ready to put jump leads on the car to get it started. He got in the car and it started first time. It was somewhat embarrassing, and I was annoyed that we'd wasted his time. Perhaps just sitting with the sun on it allowed it to start. 

On Sunday we were on duty with the welcome team at M.K.C.C. so we walked there, having to arrive for 9.30. It's no more than a twenty-minute walk along the Redway.

This morning (Monday) it's again a freezing cold morning. We didn't attempt to start the car. We walked to the Academy and I may try the car later today, so hopefully the sun will rise and warm up the car. Carol has a parents' evening at the Academy and won't be finished until at least 7 p.m.
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