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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Milton Keynes Spectacular Sunrise

After the storms of yesterday, the deluge and the high winds, this morning it is calm and peaceful. I opened the lounge curtains to find a really spectacular red sunrise over Milton Keynes, over the hospital and towards Woburn and the distant horizon. As a result, I decided to take my digital camera and attempt to capture this sight and then, hopefully, upload it onto this blog. The sky was changing rapidly, so I had to be quick in order to get the shots I wanted. I had to check that the batteries in the camera were fully charged. It often happens that we take the Fuji digital camera out with us whenever we go out for the day, and it is important to make sure that the batteries are kept fully charged, and it can happen that you think you are going to get a really good shot and then discover the batteries run out at the crucial moment you go to click the shutter. I got outside and then went out onto the Redway behind our house. There were children walking towards the Academy, and they must have wondered what on earth I was up to with the camera. I managed to get some of the shots  (as you will see above) over the top of the hospital complex, but in order to get something better I knew I would have to get up a good deal higher and got to the footbridge over Saxon Street (one of the Milton Keynes grid roads.) and this allowed me to get a much better view of the horizon towards the woods towards Woburn. You can see the traffic moving along the road and to the right in one, a street lamp. These photographs were taken at around 8.15 a.m. so I think I've done well to get them taken and then up-loaded  so quicky onto the iMac and then transferred onto this blog!
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