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Monday, January 16, 2012

Blog- Back to Normal (or as near as possible!)

For the past week or so this blog has not been 'viewing' normally. I would say 'working', but I don't mean that. The body of the blog has been O.K. but parts of it have not been what I'd call 'normal' and I had no idea how to resolve the problem. Which would explain why I haven't managed to post anything new here. I have got my stepson, Daniel, who knows a thing or two about computers and I.T. has now managed to re-configure the blog and got it back to normal. For some unaccountable reason parts of it were being resolved in Bengal. As this computer is not set up to accept Bengali text it was coming out as gibberish.  As a result I wasn't sure how to 'save' and 'publish' what I had written. Fortunately it is restored to normal and I can continue with my ramblings.
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