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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

A new vacuum cleaner and back to work for Carol

It's raining hard and very windy here at the moment. Carol has gone back to work this morning. A day of staff training. She tells me it's usually very boring. I have some idea, as the training I used to have to endure when I worked in care was not always that interesting, generally in one ear and out the other and handed a certificate just to show you'd been there and done the course.

We purchased a new vacuum cleaner on Monday. The old one had seen better days. The cleaning head wouldn't fit back on the hose, so I had an idea it wasn't worth repairing. We went to Asda and spent some time comparing different models and came away with a Hoover with hepa filter and a special filter for pet hairs. We have tried it and it's extremely powerful. Almost sucked up the rug in the lounge and made short work of Poppy's hair. I have been round the house with it and I am somewhat impressed by it.

I gave Carol a wild-bird feeding station for Christmas. It is set up in the garden and we can see the birds feeding on it. It seems really successful.

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