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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Beautiful Sunny Day!

Carol did some tutoring this morning, and when she came home we were due to go shopping, but, because it was so warm and sunny we decided to drive to Woburn. We are fans of many antiques shows on television, such as Bargain Hunt, Antiques Road trip etc and parked the car and went to one antique shop on the market-square which has featured in Antiques Road Trip, Woburn Antiques Centre (I believe Charlie Ross, who appears regularly on this show has an interest in it, or may even own it.) It was interesting looking around, particularly a fine collection of Moorcroft pottery, which we both love, but at the prices they were asking, well out of our  price range, unfortuntely.

From there we walked along the High Street  and found a really nice coffee shop and went in and had coffee and cake. Very nice. We went back to the car and then drove through Woburn Park, as we like to look at the deer.
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