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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Washing Machine . . . Sorted!

At last! The washing-machine is working! It has taken very nearly a week to get the thing up-and running, but it at last means things can return to some sort of normal, if that is at all possible. Someone came from Anglia Water to check out where exactly the water turned off in the street. It's where you'd expect it to be, directly in front of the house under a little man-hole cover (crazy, as a man would never get down it!) and so we now know where to turn off the water if we need to. As it turns out, we don't need to turn it off to repair the plumbing, as you'll discover as I continue with this post.

I got a call from our landlord around 11 a.m. yesterday to say he was sending someone to 'look at' the washing-machine and the problem caused. He said this person would arrive at around 12 noon. The time came and went and nobody had arrived, so I was thinking, no we're going to have those two clowns back on Monday sometime, messing around attempting to sort the plumbing out, not having the slightest idea what on earth they were doing.

At around 4.30-5.00 p.m. I get a call from a man who says he's a plumber, and something to do with the rental agency, and can he come and have a look at the situation regarding the washing-machine? I say, yes he can, and he say's he'll be there in around half-an-hour. He turns up, carrying a proper tool-kit and far more clued up as regards what to do than the landlord and his 'assistant'. He manages to turn off the water WITHOUT going into the street, and has the job done within 30 minutes and we had the washing-machine in it's correct place under the work-surface and working properly! Job done and thank's for your effort! I reckon the landlord's wife must have said something to him, as regards doing a botched job, and to get someone on the job who had some idea of what they were doing so as not to cause any further damage. As it is, the washing-machine, when it was on spin last Saturday afternoon and more or less 'bounced' all over the place, damaged the flooring. All due to incompetence and, basically because certain people didn't want to spend out on doing the job properly in the first place.
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