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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Carol's Job Interview

Carol has been applying for teaching jobs in the Yorkshire area. On Tuesday she had one at a special school in Barnsley. We drove up after school on Monday and stayed in a Travelodge hotel overnight, as the appointment was at 8.30 the next morning. She had to give a presentation, amongst other things, on how teaching in a mainstream school differs from that in a special school. She had been working on this for around two weeks, over the Easter holiday infact.

We got up to Barnsley in good time, found the hotel (after a bit of searching) and then went off to find the school, which was only around 10 minutes away from the hotel. On arriving back at the hotel we went for a meal at a Frankie and Bennys, which was over the road from the hotel. 

The following morning we were at the school before 8.00, in really good time for the appointment and she went into the school at around 8.15. I then went back to the hotel until 12 noon, as that was when we had to check out. I filled in the next couple of hours until I was due back to pick up Carol at 2 by wondering around the Barnsley area and sitting and reading my book which I had taken with me. Carol came out of the school at around 2 p.m., not knowing whether she had got the job or not, as this won't be decided until Monday, as it depends on the school's budgets. We drove away from Barnsley and got on the M1 and stopped at Meadowhall shopping centre near Sheffield and had a meal. We got back to Milton Keynes by around 5.15. The weather had been reasonably good, but on the way back it rained heavily, but as we drove closer to home the sun did come out briefly.
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