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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hottest Day Of The Year

They had forecast this as being possibly the hottest day of the year so far. I can well believe it, because, as I write this (at 10.47 a.m.) the sun is out in full force. Carol and I have been into the Central Shopping Centre (Centre MK as it's called) and parked the car in Debenham's multi-storey car park, as it's the best place to park as you are more or less guaranteed a place, even though you have to pay. It was virtually empty when we arrived at around 8.45, having dropped Sam off at Maplin's where he recently started working. We walked down through Debenhams and out into the shopping centre. We were going to Boot's opticians, and they have a branch outside their main store, but it didn't open until 9.30, so we walked to the main branch and upstairs, where I made an appointment for my eye-test for 9.00 a.m. on Monday. We browsed for new glasses and selected three frames, so I will order these once my eyes are tested. You should get a second pair, for reading, when you get the distance glasses as theres a 'buy one, get one free' offer on in Boot's. We went into Marks and Spencer as Carol was looking for a skirt. We went up several floors on the escalator, and found it exceptionally hot the further up the building you went. There must have been something wrong with the air conditioning in Marks and Spencer, and they had several industrial air conditioning units dotted around the various floors, one of which we stood in front of to get the benefit of the cooling air.
Several other people came to enjoy the breeze from the air conditioning unit. But it was far too hot to remain inside the store, so we left, to find it a good deal cooler at the lowest level. It would be a good idea if Marks and Spencer was to rectify the fault in their cooling system, especially on a Saturday, which would, no doubt, have been their busiest shopping day of the week, and even more so with the current state of the country's economy. We left the building and walked to Gregg's, bakers, confectioners, call it what you will, and purchased two delicious-looking buns, with icing and surmounted with glace cherries, which we later consumed at home with our coffee. We browsed in W.H.Smith and then B.H.S. and then returned to Debenham's and went up on the escalator to the carpark. When you enter the carpark you have to take a ticket at the barrier, which rises to admit your vehicle, and then, on leaving, you put the ticket in another machine which tells you conveneitly how much you have to pay, and it returns the original ticket to you, which you then use in the machine at the barrier to let you out of the carpark.
Both our dogs can't cope with warm weather. Alfie, in particular. I must have mentioned that we took the dogs to Marston Mortaine where there is a country park, when it was exceptionally hot, and Alfie almost collapsed and died because it was so hot. It was very distressing, but we got him home and he got over it. Things are not helped by our neighbours, whose dog barks at our dogs through the fence, which sets Alfie off, barking and generally getting really wound up. So we have to call him into the house, but our beloved neighbours make no attempt to stop their dog behaving in this fashion. Dogs being dogs, I suppose it's in their nature to behave like this, territorial behavior or something, but we don't want our dogs getting over-hot. So, it end up with them having to come indoors and the French windows into the garden shut, to stop them going outside, which is rather unfair on them, particularly as they enjoy pottering around the garden.
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