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Friday, August 31, 2012

Police Raid on house in Eaglestone

We went shopping in Asda extra early this morning, around 6 a.m. Were we mad, or was it just a way of avoiding the queues? Not really. Just seemed a good idea at the time. Only trouble is, you have to try and avoid all the pallets and trolleys used by the night staff to stack the shelves. I almost broke my leg tripping over one pallet as I attempted to reach something from a shelf along one aisle and I could barely reach the milk in the dairy produce area. I think it's all very well having 24-hour opening, but not so good when customers can't get around the store with their trolleys or reach goods from the shelves. Apart from that it was a relatively short wait at the check-out, and we were back home in time to take Sam to work for 8.30.

We next went to Morrison's at Westcroft and treated ourselves to a full English breakfast. Carol had to have a prescription made up in Boots, and while we were waiting we met Jan, the lady who is on our Welcome Team at our church, Milton Keynes Christian Centre. She told us that there was an offer on ladies' fragrances, if you bought a certain brand or something for the ridiculous sum of £5 you were entitled to £5-worth of Boot's Advantage points, which sounded a good offer. So whilst I waited for the prescription to be made up, Carol went with Jan to have a look. She selected a fragrance called 'So . . .Kiss Me.' Need I say more?

We then went to IKEA as we wanted to get a trolley as we've got a job delivering IKEA catalogues around Eaglestone and the trolley will be useful to transport the catalogues. They arrived yesterday on the back of a HGV and we spent half an hour unloading them into the house as they came on a pallet. Something like 900 catalogues. The fact that the trolley came from IKEA is merely a coincidence.

No sooner than we had turned into Eaglestone than we noticed a couple of police cars parked along the road from our house and a policeman carrying a gadget which I know is used to break down doors. It looked as if a police was raid was in the process of being carried out. I had to post a letter a minute or two later and as the post box was close to all this activity I couldn't help but notice yet another police car turn up and a WPC get out of the car and walk towards the house which now has a 'for let' sign outside. No doubt all this will be covered by the local press and local television this evening, so will have to watch the BBC's 'Look East' programme at 6.30 and Anglia's 'About Anglia' shows.
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