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Monday, September 03, 2012

Delivering IKEA catalogues

We spent two hours on Saturday morning delivering the IKEA catalogues which I mentioned were delivered to our house on a pallet which came by H.G.V. on Thursday morning. There are around 900 individual catalogues, bound into packs of 20, which are banded with plastic strapping and then over-wrapped in vacuum-packing plastic. We started along our road and did a good deal of the main outer service road which encircles Eaglestone, as well as some of the roads and closes which run off this road. It was generally easy going and we were surprised home much we managed to do. Yesterday, Sunday, we went out after church and did some more further round the estate. The houses have longer gardens with paths up to their front doors, so it took a good deal longer. We took the car with a load of the packs of the catalogues in the back and then transferred some of these packs into the trolley we bought in IKEA. You can get three of these packs into the trolley and we had a carrier bag on the back to take the strapping and plastic wrapping when we undid each bundle, cutting this with scissors we carried in the carrier bag. It took a good deal longer to deliver to this area as not only did the houses have longer paths but also gates to open and close, and there were far more steps to go up and down.
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