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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

More police in Eaglestone

I took Carol to work. Printed off some material which will be useful regarding delivering the IKEA catalogues, maps which clear up where exactly I have to deliver as most maps don't show clearly where the little alleyways and so on are in the estate. I drove home, to find a police car at the entrance into the estate, so I decided to come in round near the shops. I can't decide whether this is connected to yesterday's police action at the house further along the road from us, but there were a further two police vehicles outside that house again earlier and further round a policeman was talking to someone in a car. THEN the phone rang, but I couldn't get to it quick enough as it rang off. A couple of seconds later it rang again. It was Carol 'People are saying there's police cars outside as they were coming into the  Milton Keynes Academy.' (They have two day's teacher training, yesterday and today, before the children start back tomorrow.) I tell her I don't know what is going on, but I'm keen to be able to get out to continue the IKEA catalogue deliveries. Strange how gossip spreads. No doubt there will be news of all this in the local media. We would just like to know what is going on, that's all.
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