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Monday, September 10, 2012

Finishing Delivering IKEA catalogues

It's been really warm for the past week or so. Considering what an awful summer we've had, it was certainly great to be able to get outside without worrying whether you were going to get soked. Having said that, though, it has been rather TOO hot for my liking. It's been really difficult to sleep, and with the windows open, the dogs can hear allsorts of stray noises, and keep on barking at other dogs and odd noises outside.

On Saturday we got the IKEA catalogues almost all delivered. We went into the hospital campus and had to deliver to some of the staff houses there, and then the nurses accommodation, but these can't be completed until today as you need to have permission from the accommodation office which is on-site, so I will go and finish there this morning after 9.00 a.m. (in around half-an-hour's time.) There are some places where we're not going to deliver, the secure unit and the carehome (which I was totally unaware of when we moved to this house. I wonder how many other residents are aware of the secure unit not many yards from their homes? Having worked in care I'm very clear about what this place if for and the sort of people who live there! We have a few bundles of the catalogues left, and I reckon we've been given more than we need as nobody has worked out exactly home many homes are in this gridsquare, whether estimated from census records or from Milton Keynes Council tax records.

On the way back into Eaglestone on Saturday morning, we couldn't help but notice a police car turn up with no fewer than four police officers inside it, heading straight for the house which was raided a few days ago. And this morning, as I was coming out of the estate, yet ANOTHER police vehicle was coming in. We are still none the wiser as to what has been going on at the house which was raided, but we noticed piles of chairs and other furniture outside as we drove past. No doubt all this will come out in the media at some time in the future. Whatever has been going on, it all seems extremely mysterious.
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