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Friday, September 07, 2012

New glasses!

I hadn't heard anything from Boot's opticians as regards my new glasses being ready so I went into Milton Keynes Shopping Centre mid-morning. I have continued to deliver the IKEA catalogues, and managed around 60 more along the Chaffron Way side of Eaglestone. It's easier when you have a clear map, which I don't have. Google Maps is useful, but even that doesn't mark all the names of the little alleyways and roads. The photographic version is clearer as you can see the actual houses. I have done another 'block' of houses this morning, so that leaves a block coming back towards home for tomorrow and there's some flats within the hospital grounds that need to be delivered to.

I got to Boots and asked at the reception desk. I had been told that it would take two weeks from the original eye-test for the glasses to be made up, and was told that they would telephone when they were ready for collection, so, when I still hadn't herd anything, I decided to go to the store to find out what was going on. The lady on reception looked on their computer but could find nothing. They seemed to be having trouble getting into the system to track orders. I sat and waited, and after around 10 minutes they told me that my glasses were indeed in. I had to try them on, and they fit perfectly. The old ones, as I've already mentioned in the earlier post, fell apart, and not only that, they had kept slipping down my nose and making life really difficult. These, thankfully, remained on my face and didn't slip down my nose! So, I wore them as I left. Mission accomplished, and now I can see the world clearly again, thankfully.
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