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Monday, January 14, 2013

Cold and More Snow Overnight

We woke this morning to a light sprinkling of snow across the garden and the road outside the house. Poppy went out and was dancing around in the snow. She really seems to love it. Well, she's fortunate in having a thick coat which keeps her warm. On the other hand Alfie, who only has a thin but silky coat, isn't so keen on the cold and snow. He nips out and soon comes back into the warm of the house. He dives back under the duvet and will probably spend  the rest of the day there in the warm. 
It took some while to scrape the snow off the windscreen of the car before we could drive over to the Academy. The driver's side door was somewhat frozen, but not enough to cause too many problems. It was fairly slippery at the front of the house, so you had to be careful that you didn't slip over.
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