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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Snow . . . gone!

We decided yesterday morning to take the dogs for a walk. It was going to have to be close, as we didn't relish driving anywhere too far because of the snow and ice, and wherever we went was likely to be very muddy, so a walk along the Redway towards the Grand Union Canal seemed the best option and the nearest. The big problem was getting out with Poppy and Alfie with the least noise and excitement,   because, as I think I've mentioned elsewhere in these posts,the very mention of the word 'walk' can cause havoc. Even picking up the dogs' leads they both start barking and running around in circles. Alfie, in particular becomes like the Tasmanian Devil in those Warner Brothers cartoons.

We took the camera, as we had intended to attempt to record the scene under snow for posterity, although this can problematical whilst struggling to hold onto the dogs on their leads and take decent photographs. Anyway, we managed to get outside without too much trouble, and walked through to the Redway, where we were able to let the dogs off their leads.They have been cooped up in the house far  too long,due to the weather, and were really excited to have the chance to have their freedom and have a good run. Alfie was yapping madly while Poppy just pottered along as she usually does. Mind you, as it was very icy, it took us all our time and effort to keep upright and not slip over. We were going to go to the canal, but, when we got to the slope where the Redway went under Marlborough Street we discovered that the surface was far to icy and dangerous-looking, so decided to change our direction and head through Eaglestone and towards the local shop, as we had a few things we needed to buy. The paths were more than ever as covered in ice and snow, except for a few places where it was clear.

My attempt to get some 'artistic' photographs of the snow.

We managed to buy what we wanted in the shop, with Carol looking after both dogs outside while I went to buy the things. We then walked back home, again managing to avoid any icy patches on the paths across the park.

This morning, as I looked out of the window, any signs of snow or ice had completely disappeared. It was difficult to imagine that the garden was several inches under the white stuff twenty-four hours earlier. The temperature has risen considerably and the sun came out, perhaps the first time we've had any hint of it for several weeks. Let's hope that's the last of the snow.
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